About Us

Welcome to Modern Desi, your destination for the widest selection of quality goods all made by self-built Desi small businesses. From affordable to extravagant, we’re here to modernize South Asian inspired shopping through culturally relevant products that cultivate a deeper connection to your roots and the community. 

We are a group comprised of college students, full time professionals, mompreneurs and every other label under the sun. We are your Desi Creatives. Each of our brands and products are born out of the lack of South Asian representation in the societal diaspora and we’re coming together to bring you a collective space to find products you’ll feel proud to own. Our differences within our own roots is why each of our brands exist and hopefully you find something that will resonate with your uniquely Desi self.

The Founder

Hi there, I’m Aanal, Founder of Modern Desi. I value creativity, authenticity, independent thinkers, and love building a connection with each of the talented innovators behind these brands. I oversee everything from vendor curation, and marketing, to solo operation of this one-woman run business.

With a background in software engineering and two years of running and growing Modern Desi (the brand), I became passionate about providing a collective space to bring together the community of talented Desi innovators. To find other brands fusing the essence of their countries and cultures into modern products that resonate with the modern Desi has been so exciting.

The support and enthusiasm I’ve received from this community has been magical, and I hope Modern Desi can grow to be more than an immersive South Asian shopping experience, I hope it can serve as a catalyst to empower others to embrace their whole selves.

What masala would I be and why? According to my friends, I’d be Garam Masala – a hint of everything with too much energy to handle!
Welcome to the dabba!