Neerja Bhanot By Yug
Neerja  Bhanot
Neerja  Bhanot
Neerja  Bhanot
Neerja  Bhanot
Neerja  Bhanot
Neerja  Bhanot
Neerja  Bhanot

Neerja Bhanot

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Model and flight attendant Neerja Bhanot’s resilience and determination in the face of danger and, even, death will never be forgotten. Read about the life of the youngest Ashok Chakra award winner, whose act of courage has left a tremendous mark on many young men and women of the country. Breaking the stereotypes of a woman’s role in society, Neerja represents the strength women hold inside, which is often un-discovered. We hope this book will shine a light and help your little one discover the powerful women in their lives too. 

This product contains reading material as well as 5 interactive activities (3 inside the book and 2 additional sheets) and requires a child’s active participation. We’d love for your child to feel a deep connection with our books and to hold them dear. 

Ages: 3 years and above

Pages: 30, with two additional activity sheets

Book Type: Paperback, matte laminate with punching & perfect binding

Size: 8 1/4″ * 11 3/4″ (A4) – 29.7cm * 21cm * 0.3cm 

Weight: 235gms

ISBN: 978-93-5445-946-7

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How to read Yug People? 

The Yug People series has been carefully designed for littles ones to experience these stories over a few stages:  

1st Phase: In the illustration based reading phase, children understand the content through the art. 

2nd Phase: The next phase is the read aloud phase in which parents and children spend quality time while reading the pages aloud. This stage helps children develop their grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.  

3rd Phase: Then comes the self read phase. Children are able to recognize words and read sentences on their own. In this stage, they hone their reading skills, develop phonetic understanding and can now memorize text. 

4th Phase: The learning phase is the fourth stage in this process. After going over the text several times, children shift from rote learning to a deeper understanding of the text. They are now able to recognize teachings from the text and explain it in their own words. 

What does a flight attendant do? 

Flight attendants are the kind, respectful and attentive men and women who make travel on flights comfortable for us. They make sure we are safe, help us when we are in need and ensure that we are enjoying our journey. 

A flight attendant’s work requires a lot of patience, diligence and care. On most passenger flights, one attendant must look after nearly 50 or more passengers, which is extremely challenging and tiring, but they are happy to do it with smiles on their faces. 

The next time you go on an airline, make sure you observe how many passengers an attendant is looking after and thank them for their service!

What are the benefits of reading?

The holistic benefits of reading are aplenty:

~ Reading aids in the development of the child’s cognitive abilities, including memory, comprehension and learning.

~ If you want your child’s vocabulary and language skills to improve, read to them for at least 30 minutes every day.

~ Reading helps a child’s analytical thinking skills to improve, as well as strengthens focus and concentration.

~ There is no better way of encouraging children to think creatively and to be curious. Spark a child’s imagination and watch them transform into happier, more confident and more self assured little humans. 

~ Reading is an excellent way to spend quality time with your children 

Why is it important for children to read about India? 

Culture, identity, dreams and knowledge are closely knit with one another. 

Our books will familiarize children with various facets of Indian culture. Many of these stories are not as popularly known and widely read as they ought to be. 

 Reading about our country will evoke a sense of pride in our collective history and identity. An in-depth knowledge of our history will create a deeper bond with our heritage and ingrain a rich value system that is decidedly tied with our identity.

The great men and women of our country are inspirational, and children can learn a lot from their lives and accomplishments. When children discover role models they can identify with, they thrive and start dreaming of goals they can work towards. We want a brighter future for our children and the country, let’s start with showing our children that they can achieve anything they put their minds to! 

What is Yug People? 

Yug People is a series about visionaries and game-changers who have left a lasting legacy and played a monumental role in India’s history. Through dedication, perseverance and grit, these dynamic personalities forged their own paths and are an inspiration. Their lives and incredible stories have shown us that humans have the capacity to overcome their greatest obstacles, to fight the odds and come out victorious, if we can out our mind 

This series includes sports legend Milkha Singh, industrialist Jamsetji Tata, scientist and former President APJ Abdul Kalam, freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, actor Raj Kapoor and the courageous Neerja Bhanot amongst many others.

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