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LGBTQIA Pride Keychain (100% of Proceeds Donated)

LGBTQIA Pride Keychain (100% of Proceeds Donated)

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100% of proceeds from any NehaXStitch piece are donated to the Planned Parenthood Northern California Action Fund.

What better way to represent your identity than a hand-embroidered keychain? Sturdy enough to be used every day, and beautiful enough to be used as decor. Keychains available in your choice of pride flag, and shape (heart/flag). 

Flag descriptions: 

Rainbow Pride: the original rainbow pride flag

Progress Pride: Rainbow + Trans + Black/Brown

Bisexual Pride: Pink/Purple/Blue

Pansexual Pride: Pink/Yellow/Blue

Polysexual Pride: Pink/Green/Blue

Asexual Pride: Black/Gray/White/Purple

Demisexual Pride: Black/Grey/White/Purple

Lesbian Pride: Red/Orange/White/Pink/Magenta

Intersex Pride: Yellow/Purple

Transgender Pride: Blue/Pink/White

Genderqueer Pride: Purple/White/Green

Genderfluid Pride: Pink/White/Purple/Black/Blue

Agender Pride: Black/Gray/White/Green

Non-Binary Pride: Yellow/White/Purple/Black

Aromantic Pride: Dark Green/Light Green/White/Gray/Black


Keychain features 2 cm/1 in wooden hoop, with weathered bronze keychain and ring. 

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